Thursday, May 31, 2012

ROME - Ouvre Les Yeux

Jessica Harris – fashion designer, founder and owner at Leopardessa
Mariaelena Masetti Zannini -  product research and co-owner at Leopardessa
Photography  - Serena Belcastro
Styling – Serena Belcastro and Leopardessa
All clothes by Leopardessa vintage archive
Jessica and Mariaelena are the lovely girls behind Leopardessa, new fashion brand and cool vintage shop in the heart of rione Monti, the most ancient neighborhood of Rome.
Having worked in that area for a few months, it became like home to me and I found myself dropping by on a weekly basis to say hi to my many ex-colleagues and friends who work in the area's many little shops. Leopardessa is one of my favourites because it really is like a fantastic little world unto itself, full of incredible clothes, colors and lights.

I met Jessica in September and I totally fell in love with her unique, crazy and ironic chic style and the way that she seems to draw people into a daydream. She might be American, but I secretly think that she must be from another enchanted planet, reigning supreme over this hypnotizing kingdom of her own making.

Jessica introduced me Mariaelena, a great theatre writer, performer and product researcher for Leopardessa. She simply oozes femininity. Originally from the North of Italy, her beauty conjures seductive Persian tales of great adventure and spicy Arabian markets of indescribable delights.

As such, these two amazing girls are the perfect mix behind Leopardessa. In this photo shoot they are like one and they are vintage… for now!

We shot this story in their atelier/shop in Via Panisperna 226 listening to David Bowie in a sunny sunday afternoon of May.

Miu Miu shoes
Miu Miu shoes

Jessica wears vintage hat and shirt, a vintage skirt re-edited by Leopardessa and Fendi shoes
Mariaelena wears vintage hat and shirt, a vintage skirt re-edited by Leopardessa and  Miu Miu shoes