Monday, October 15, 2012

Chapter I ROME - Ça s’est passé à Rome

Michela Fasanella - fashion designer, founder and director at Aroma30

Photography & Styling - Serena Belcastro
Michela is the founder and director of Aroma30, a Rome-based brand with an International spirit. The brand is the perfect incarnation of its creator. 
The clothes she designs are a witty convergence of everything she likes and every aspect of her unique personality. 
A distinctive blend of austerity and femininity, contemporary yet classic beauty. 
In her collection season after season, Michela merges all her artistic, cultural and visual background into a sophisticated yet pure and minimal result. 
She is an icon and a representation of timeless Roman beauty.  


We shot this story at a friend’s home in Pigneto - the eastern Roman suburb loved by Pasolini. 


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