Saturday, May 28, 2011

CHAPTER I ROME - Monde Fantôme

Eleonora "Enid" Antonioni –  artist
Styling, photography & concept by Serena Lisbon
Art & layout by Eleonora Antonioni

Eleonora is a brilliant roman artist and a trustworthy friend.
Some people just don’t need too many words to be introduced.
Having a look at her amazing work is gonna let you know who I am talking about.

We shot this story all around the San Lorenzo district - the area where Eleonora currently works.
She re-interpretated my pics in her own unique way.

chapter1 75dpi

chapter2 75dpi 
chapter3 75dpi
chapter4 75dpi 
habemus papam 75dpi 

giufà 75dpi
comics boulevard 75dpi