Friday, February 11, 2011

Chapter I ROME - Le dérnier jour


Federica Piraino - visual artist
Styling & photography by Serena Lisbon

We’re two friends, similar yet diverse in all the right ways. 
 She’s silent when I’m loud, calm when I’m crazy, and vice versa. 
We met in our mutual hometown and remained acquaintances for some time, but it was Rome that provided the right backdrop for the friendship I owe to her now. 

Our time here flew, inevitably cut short by her decision to move to London, a move that I felt was not in my cards, at least for now. 
Despite the distance and the respective commitments that keep us apart, I know that there will be a place and time when we will find each other yet again eating sweet and sour chinese food together.

This shoot was my personal way of saying goodbye to one of the most joyful, peaceful and graceful person I have ever met.
 The style is a delicate grungy femme fatale from the early 20th century. 
Because that’s what I see when I think of Federica.


I shot her at my place, mostly in the garden outside the building where I currently live in Piazza Bologna area.