Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Chapter I ROME - Le charme funk de la bourgeoisie

Maddalena Perfetti – writer
Photographed by Cristina Gardumi
Styling: Serena Lisbon

I Met Maddy a long time ago in our mutual hometown. For some unfortunate reason, I only had the chance to discover her strong, deep and sincere personality since I moved to Rome.
Her style is a mix of colorful strong patterns and vivid prints with a touch of bourgois bon ton.
Ps: i love her.

we shot her in the apartment she shares with her boyfriend Fabio in the Marconi area.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Chapter I ROME - Sorcière

Rossella Vivienne Terragnoli – actress
Photographed by Cristina Gardumi
Styling & Photo edit: Serena Lisbon

I met Rossella in the Spring in a pair of uncomfortable emerald green heels in front of the Fanfulla 101 Arci Club. (One of the locations in Pasolini’s “Accattone” in my former neighborhood of Pigneto). I could see a part of my former self in the way she stood out in the tousled, leftist Pigneto crowd.

We shot her in September from dawn till noon at the Fori Imperiali, Colosseum, and the Jewish ghetto.


Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Serena Belcastro, also known as Serena Lisbon, is a nowhere-based fashion stylist.

This blog is a first-person fashion story about her life & meetings.

All the lovely people starring the fashion shoots in this blog have a special connection with Serena.

The shoots have been coordinated by Serena and the photographers/contributors in the hopes of capturing the talented personalities of the subjects.

Serena’s current location is Rome and that’s where the first chapter takes place.