Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Chapter III, Milan - Brotherhood

Marco Cassarà is an Italian artist, from Palermo. I can't exactly remember when I first met him and his younger brother, Gabriele. We met thanks to my ex-boyfriend (and still good friend) Roberto. I know he met them in Palermo a few years ago and since then they've practically become brothers even though they rarely manage to see each other due to the distance. This series was shot by me a few months after I moved to Milan and I never really felt like publishing it. Today I was listening to King Dude. The gloomy mood evoked by his music suddenly brought my mind back to when Marco and I unexpectedly managed to score free front row tickets to a sold out Nick Cave gig. I just can't explain what that night felt like. Hopefully this series will explain something more about that special experience and about my connection with Marco and Gabriele.

location: Cimitero Monumentale, Milano
thanks to Giulia Gaboardi



Thursday, May 22, 2014

Chapter II Nowhere - Nico

photo and styling: Serena Belcastro  
stylist assistant: Lidia Passarelli
thanks to Gabriella Ferlaino, Luigi Lepore and Magic Garden (Lamezia Terme)

Nicoletta Grasso is a natural yet sophisticated effortless beauty.
She works as a performance artist, actress and curator for the new born project CRAC: an experimental research centre for contemporary arts based in Lamezia Terme, Nicoletta’s hometown. This story was shot on location at CRAC – formerly a school – while we were listening to 60s and 80's french pop trying to bring out Nicoletta’s easygoing personality and ironic attitude.


Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chapter II Nowhere - Liens Entrelacés

Shawnette Poe - visual artist
makeup and hair - Giorgia Savaglio

Shawnette Poe is a Polish born artist raised between Bremen and Berlin, which is where she probably first learnt about the "heimat". The meaning of this german word greatly influences both her nomadic lifestyle (travelling between Berlin, Southern Italy and - lately - Slovenia) and her work. 
This story is inspired by Shawnette's 2012 installation Mutterland in which the "heimat" is one of the main topics explored. 

The pictures were shot in Capo Colonna (KR), an ancient cape located in Ionian Calabria, overlooking the last doric column of a temple dedicated to Hera Lacinia (Juno).


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chapter II Nowhere - Vague Froide

Tribalism - Valentina Fanigliulo & Anna Martino

 Photography and StylingSerena Belcastro  
Mua – Beatrice Contino 
Stylist Assistants – Giulia Gaboardi & Alessio D’Onofrio 

clothes by Deux Dans Umi & Aroma 30

Valentina Fanigliulo (Mushy) and Anna Martino (Malheur) together are Tribalism.
This is not just a dj duo. According to them this is instead a new anthropological theory of sounds.
Their spirits are focused on a sort of musical-philological research that aims to draw the audience into a trance-like state.
Through their personal music selection, Valentina and Anna mean to arouse their deep tribal and primitive roots.
This editorial was shot on the beach, among the dunes on a quite freezing sunny day in order to deliver a cold, Nordic yet tribal idea of summer.

Capocotta, Rome (Italy)

Valentina wears total look Deux Dans Umi paired with vintage men's shoes. Anna wears a vintage black bodysuit, Aroma 30 white linen jacket on two skirts by Deux Dans Umi, Top Shop striped shoes.


Blue navy origami top and black wool tube black skirt by Deux Dans Umi.
Anna: blue navy origami top and black skirt Deux Dans Umi. Valentina: black cape Aroma 30 and blue navy skirt by Deux Dans Umi.

Valentina: black cape Aroma 30, blue navy skirt Deux Dans Umi, vintage men's socks and shoes. Anna: blue navy origami top and black wool skirt Deux Dans Umi, nylon blue navy socks stylist's own, vintage men's shoes.


Saturday, March 16, 2013

CHAPTER II Nowhere - Mesdemoiselles Perdues

Photography and styling by

Cecilia Sammarco – designer and blogger at Visual Think
Antonellina Corigliano – student
Luigia Sproviero – student 
Stefania Cariati – student
 Lidia Passarelli – student 

I was born in Cosenza, an ancient town full of history and culture placed between the sea and the mountains, in the heart of Southern Italy.
For many reasons I always wanted to escape from there but still I must admit I feel deeply connected to my roots and above all to some particular spots of my hometown.
I grew up looking at many old photographs of my mother when she was about my age. Through those photographs, I grew to know my origins and the places where i come from.
They ended up satiating my taste and creative spirit as well.
I've always been attracted to a particular place in the middle of the historical center. Perhaps because my mother's portrait that was taken in 1976 in that very spot in front of a fountain in the ancient garden, Villa Vecchia.
The photo was taken in august though it does not quite capture the overall mood which made me think of the nymphs and ghost legends which might have roamed here once.
I always thought there might be some sort of magical and symbolic explanation for the nymph statue in the fountain that was once white but since has turned black.
I took all these dark and ghostly fantasies and put them into a photo shoot trying to make them real and alive.

 Villa Vecchia – Cosenza,  Italy

The clothes are a vintage selection by Visual Think and stylist’s own.